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Our Warranty Makes US #1

your investment is protected at no cost to you

Your warranty should always be simple and straightforward. Here at Bang Solar we have created your protection to be transparent and have a direct focus on each client. No more guessing or being left unsatisfied by companies not protecting your investments or current property. Our warranty has a few items you need to be able to distinguish:


An Unbeatable Warranty

Bang Solar has gained an edge on the competition by crafting a fully inclusive protection program for our clients. Our Warranty is easy, no-hassle protection that gives each of our solar client’s true peace of mind.


You Pay Nothing

Our no-cost warranty protects you from everything but vandalism with no upfront cost or deductible. It’s the most simple and inclusive warranty in the industry. We set an example by raising the bar for our clients.


30 Years of Protection

Bang Solar and our manufacturer partners have taken a joint approach to better serve you. Your warranty will cover you for a full 30 years, demolishing all the competitor warranties and setting the bar high.


Production Guarantee

This is the most important item to have. Based on client’s previous 12 months of usage and the system agreed upon, every client will have a Bang Solar Guarantee that your system will produce and have the desired outcome.

Download an example copy of our warranty so you know we mean what we say.


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